Software Engineering Intern


Santa Clara, CA, USA
August 24th, 2018
I worked on the autonomous vehicle team. I had a super awesome experience working here. I got to do everything from hardware to software to product design, and I felt like I was actually an integral part of the team that I was on. I felt like I gained a lot of experience in writing well-architected C/C++ code as well as other skills more specific to building an autonomous vehicle. Most of all, I really liked the people at NVIDIA. The people I worked with at NVIDIA were some of the most humble but yet smart people I've ever worked with, and I felt like I became close friends with many of the people I worked with despite stark differences in age / backgrounds / nationalities. NVIDIA is also a very diverse workplace, and I was actually the only US-born person in my entire team. I didn't enjoy life in bay-area that much as other cities I've lived in, but the company itself made it all worth it.
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